Welcome Back to Blogging

I used to have a blog. I am actually trying to figure out how to archive it here (because right now it is showing up as a recent post, and I want it to hide somewhere in the Internet and not be right below this post). In 20 years, everyone will say they had a blog, right? Even if their blog was a series of snarky Facebook posts, they will still have had a blog. They were posting their thoughts or feelings for public consumption, which is all you really need for a blog.

Anyway, I had this blog. It started as an experiment with the Live your Legend Start a Blog challenge. My first post was on July 5, 2013. At the time I was tail spinning in a romantic relationship. I was 3 months in at a new job. I was trying to figure out life in my late 20’s. At the time I thought I was going to use the blog as a platform to launch a business.

That didn’t happen.

My last post was on July 2, 2014. Just shy of a 1 year birthday, I left my blog. I just reread that post. It was good perspective on a bad situation. After I wrote it, I made a firm decision to change my situation. Within four months of that last post, I quit my job to start at a new company and I had gone on a first date with my now fiancee.

Who cares?

If you’ve hung out with me this far in the post, thanks! That year long blogging experience might not have started a business for me, but it did help me emotionally process a breakup and see that I needed a change in my life. It was a tool I didn’t even know I needed.

So here I am with a new blog.

Live Your Legend just relaunched their Start a Blog challenge. I didn’t join. But the challenge and the act of blogging nudged me in the direction I needed to go once before. I find myself looking for a nudge again.

So new domain, new blog. (same blogger)

Now I find myself planning a wedding, generating tons of creative ideas, reading lots of books, and fighting back sometimes crushing levels of anxiety. I don’t know my end goal, but I know blogging is something I wanted to get back to for a while.

So here’s the dreaded “first post.” Expect books, emotional situations, and some experiments to come. But for now, “Hi, I’m Carly. Who are you?”

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back to Blogging

  1. Welcome, back! I love that I’m still subscribed, because nothing simplifies life quite like having blog posts magically appearing my inbox!
    Great new name! Those are three things I need to include more of in my life… There’s a fair amount of love, but books and tea would be a great alternative to TV and eating…(not that I would ever give those up completely, duh 😁)

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