Letters to my Future (now) Self

Last week I dug out an old notebook that still had a few blank pages left. I’ve been keeping a weekly to do list this year on scrap paper. My other notebook was full; I was looking for anything to get me through the last few weeks of the year. I remembered the old notebook by the flowers on its cover and vaguely recalled hauling it to meetings and anything I considered to be “development” at a certain time in my life.

After finding a blank page and writing out my things to do for the week, I flipped to the front to see what filled the rest of the pages.

The notebook started with notes from an online writing class I took four years ago. I typed them up with the goal of switching my analog information to digital and becoming more portable. As I typed I realized I must have learned something from that class, as many of the tools described in my notes seem to appear in all of my writing projects.

Next were notes from interviews done with people in careers much different than my own, complete with conversation prompts. I had been looking for meaning in my work and life and I was reminded of a time when I was looking for a much different path than the one I am on now. I have no regrets for the path I chose, but the notes are a good reminder that the Search in life is never ending. Those interviews are a great reminder that people can be really helpful. Some of the people I had interviewed had been cold calls. They were still nice enough to take a few minutes to tell me about how they started their careers and what motivated them. It never hurts to ask.

Sprinkled in between some volunteer meeting notes were first drafts of blog posts which never made it to the old blog. One was about authenticity in life. Another was about the evils of multitasking and overextending and the need to be present in the moment. I’m sure those themes will someday appear in this blog too. My beliefs in those areas haven’t changed.

The whole notebook showed me snapshots of myself two to four years ago. It was a great reminder of who I was, who I’ve become, and lessons I learned but unfortunately may have forgotten. I’m looking forward to typing the contents and moving the pages to the recycle bin. This is in part due to my quest to empty my condo. The rest is to read my notes as a time capsule letter to myself to better remember who I am and who I want to be.

One thought on “Letters to my Future (now) Self

  1. Neat to be able to reflect on your life, and what has changed and what hasn’t, and also bringing back memories that have probably been gathering dust! I had a similar experience last week when I stumbled across a former professor’s recording of our choir practice… It was surreal to watch the “student me” just singing away, while I, 8 years later, reflected on how much my life was about to change completely (getting engaged, graduating, marriage, kids etc.)

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