My November Experiment

I’m trying new things. I want to feel more positive. I want to let go of some of my anxiety.

In November I tried to build new habits. I was inspired by habit trackers shared by avid bullet journalers on blogs and Instagram. I tried one of my own. (I’m not posting a picture because it is not nearly as pretty as the one I linked to). Every day I tracked progress on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health goals… and sleep. Sleep was a priority for November because I was dealing with nightmares and sleep disturbances that were making it hard to get up in the morning.

Verdict after 30 days of habit tracking: I need to eat more greens and stop looking at my phone before bed.

The best thing about my habit tracker in its pretty Moleskine notebook is not the tracker, it’s the next page. The next page is a list of November 2016 “Best of” moments. Any day something good happened, I wrote the date and a single sentence or phrase.

November 1st 2 years with Matt

November 6th re-launched the blog

November 17th went shopping with friends

I did not have an entry for all 30 days, but I did get an entry for more than 50% of the days. For December I will try for 70%.

Writing down the good forces me to reflect on what went right that day. If I can’t think of anything or forget one day it’s okay. However on the days I think are garbage, I have a list of great things to look back on. I can see at a glance good news, people I love, and life milestones. Good things pass us by in a few moments of happiness but the bad things seem to gnaw at our minds. At least they do for me. The Best of List makes the bad things get in the back seat for a while.

Oddly this list was an afterthought. I looked at the blank page and asked myself what could go there. Since I was working on my gratitude habit and our anniversary happened to be the first day of the month, I wrote it on the top line on the page. I thought I would write down good things on the same page over the course of months. In less than 30 days, the page is nearly full. It turned out happy news was all around. I just had to open my eyes to see it.

For December I am revamping the Habit Tracker. And I am looking to filling my “Best of December” page.

How do you remember the good in your life?


2 thoughts on “My November Experiment

  1. Really neat ideas! I may have to tracking some habits for December!

    And I’m truly sorry to hear about nightmares! My recurrent nightmares come and go…. They are very hard emotionally, but I’m grateful they don’t happen enough where I struggle to sleep. Hugs! Here’s to a great December! 🙂

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